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Manage your content with our WordPress Integration. 

Every blog post I write is created in WordPress, so I’m very familiar with that platform. I utilize all tools WordPress has for my blogs. WordPress does so much, but the benefit of a “one stop shop” where you can create a blog post, set and change scheduled posts, edit categories, monitor the progress of that post, edit Yoast metadata, track internal linking and upload photos and alt text all in once place is so much more beneficial for me.

Thats exactly what we’ve created at Otherboard with our WordPress integration. Not only does this integration save all of the updates you make in Otherboard, but anything you do on the WordPress platform is automatically updated within Otherboard.

One of the many things the WordPress integration does within Otherboard is integrate directly with our custom calendar. For example, if you’re using this calendar to monitor your multiple blog posts and you use the drag and drop feature to change the future publish date, the date of the scheduled post is automatically updated in the calendar and the individual post in Otherboard and WordPress. Check out all the other things the Otherboard Calendar can do.

The ability to edit categories is simple and quick. All you have to do is start typing to add a post category to any individual post. You can select any category that’s already created in your WordPress post editor dashboard. You can also delete anything that’s not applicable to that specific post with one click.

Easily track internal linking (the pages on your site that contain a link that points back to an individual post) on the WordPress page within Otherboard.

See your average star rating reviews and comments for each individual post on your Otherboard dashboard.

Set and change future WordPress posts status and scheduled post dates.

Phase management is such a powerful tool within the Otherboard WordPress page. Use this checklist to ensure no step of the post editing process get missed. As you check off phases, we’ll keep track of what’s been done and what’s still left to do.

The SEO Yoast metadata is editable within your Otherboard dashboard. If you’ve connected your Yoast account, you can quickly update your SEO Title and Meta Description — these are the details that show up in search results pages.

Make content media management easier for your blog by uploading photos and alt text within Otherboard. Find out more information about Media Management within Otherboard.

When creating Otherboard we knew the WordPress integration needed to be wonderful and functional. We hope you love it as much as we do!

The WordPress page in Otherboard. 👇👇👇

WordPress Page

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