Slickstream Integration

Slickstream Integration

The integration of Slickstream to Otherboard is quick and simple!

As a blogger, building a site that is engaging and actively growing is vital. Thats why using Slickstream is important to me, and I thought it might be important to you as well.

The Slickstream integration is simple and outrageously basic by design. I don’t want any information I don’t need. Thats why the Slickstream data in Otherboard only shows the data you actually need.

With Otherboard’s one time integration tool, you can take logging into Slickstream off your long list of daily to do’s.

Log into Slickstream one time by adding your URL and API key and you’re done. Otherboard takes over from there. You will get daily data from Slickstream on each individual post and overall site results on your favorites list so you can quickly see which blogs your users appreciate most.

We hope that our Slickstream integration will simplify your daily workload.

Check out the Slickstream data block in Otherboard. 👇👇👇

Slickstream component, showing post being saved thousands of times at Slickstream

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