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Team Management

Pick and choose what your team members have access to view within Otherboard.

As a business owner of multiple businesses and a plethora of people to manage, I find keeping those businesses completely separate exceptionally difficult. Some of those people help me create content, some edit that content, others maintain my website, while some manage all my different social media platforms. I need a few of those people to know everything thats going on behind the scenes of my business, but most of my team members need limited access to the more sensitive details of my business.

Thats exactly why we’ve created the Manage Team page within Otherboard. You don’t need your whole team to have access to all of your businesses details. You’ll have the option to create multiple, completely separate teams with completely separate domains, within the same dashboard. That way you can manage the access that each individual person has on each of your teams. You’ll also have the ability to hop back and forth between teams easily so you can constantly monitor everything.

If you go to the settings page you can update your team name, choose an applicable timezone, change your user name and/or your user email. 

Settings page within Otherboard

Once you create your first team and connect your website domain you can hop right into the settings page to get started on adding team members.

Within our Manage Team page you can see your team at a glance and what their individual role is. 

Manage Team page within Otherboard

Manage Team is where you can invite a team members and select what access you want them to have within your Otherboard dashboard. All you have to do is click on invite team member. You’ll then be prompted to add their information and select their user role.

Each individual role already has different permissions set. Your options are Admin, Collaborator or Manager. You can change any of these permissions at any point within the User Roles section.

User Roles page within Otherboard

If you’d prefer, you can create your own team roles within Otherboard. You can also easily define each of those individual roles within the Create new role section.

Create new role

Once the invitation is sent to your team members email, they will need to accept the invite to join your team. If they don’t already have an Otherboard account they’ll be prompted to create an account. If they already have an Otherboard account they will automatically be logged into their account and added to your team.

You can also easily manage third-party apps and monitor the syncing process in our Integrations page.

Integrations within Otherboard

As you can see, Otherboard has the ability to integrate lots of amazing third-party apps:

We hope that the Settings page within Otherboard simple and user friendly.

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