Pinterest Updates

With many of Otherboard’s users measuring their Pinterest impressions by the tens of millions – we were elated to be able to launch last year with our first-party Pinterest integration. We’ve heard from many of our users about the impact Otherboard has had on their team’s workflows and we’re excited to announce the following updates in the most recent releases of Otherboard

WordPress Images

Prior to our most recent updates, drafting new pins within Otherboard was possible, but not necessarily as easy as it should have been. While users have always been able to link out to any image for the drafted pin, and upload new media – many of our users already had their Pinterest images uploaded to their WordPress post. Now, within the Quick Pin interface, you can select any image you have uploaded to your WordPress post (in addition to the previous options of uploading new images or linking to an external image)

Re-pin to Multiple Boards

While our Re-Pinning interface inside of Otherboard has allowed users to quickly and easily allow users to re-pin their most popular posts to any board they control on Pinterest, some folks were losing minutes and hours repeating the same re-pins over and over to different boards. Now, you can easily re-pin (or draft new pins) to multiple boards at one time – saving loads of time and effort.

Deleting Drafts

Being able to draft, schedule, and edit pins for publication has been a core part of the Pinterest integration within Otherboard since we launched. A new and vital functionality has launched – the ability to delete a drafted pin you no longer want scheduled.

Other Various Improvements

In addition to all the changes mentioned above, we’ve made a variety of improvements to the queued job runners, making them more efficient (and accurate in the retrieval of your Pinterest data). Additionally, we’ve added new safeguards to the logic around publishing scheduled pins to squash a few bugs.

For example, consider this scenario: you scheduled a blog post for release in 7 days. You scheduled a pin for that post to go out in 8 days. Four days from today, you decide to push the blog post back one week. What happened to the scheduled pin? Well, in previous versions of Otherboard, it got published and pointed to a drafted post. No more. Now, prior to publishing a scheduled pin – we’ll check the publish status of the blog post and only publish the pin if the blog post is published. Additionally, we’ll update the URL to the live permalink of your blog post (not the ?p=90210 version that might exist when you drafted the pin).

Want more Pinterest?

Let us know in the comments below (or on our roadmap) what additional functionality you’d like baked into Otherboard for your Pinterest management.

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