Otherboard Content Calendar 2.0

One of the surprise hits from the launch of Otherboard was our content calendar.

It gives people an at-a-glance view of all of their content in an easy to use, beautiful and intuitive interface. What we imagined to be a simple, moderately useful tool was the interface that we got more comments on than anything else!

We gathered feedback from a number of our users, all of whom have complex editorial workflows. We listened to them as they described the need to easy move drafts to different dates, filter by editorial phases, and easily edit basic post data right within the calendar.

You asked, we answered. We’re excited to introduce the latest iteration to our Content Calendar!

That’s right, all from within our content calendar interface, you can quickly create new posts, schedule drafts months or years into the the future, quickly find the exact draft you’re looking for and even edit, reschedule and update phases on existing posts.

We’d love to hear from you – what else can we do to make Otherboard’s content calendar indispensable for you? Leave a comment below, hit us up in support, or leave a note on our roadmap.

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