Mediavine Integration

Mediavine Integration

The simplicity of viewing your Mediavine content on with Otherboard will blow you away.

As a content creator I’ve personally found Mediavine to be a beneficial tool for me, but I’ve also found it difficult to remember to login and monitor this information on a regular basis.

With Otherboard’s one time integration tool, you can take logging into Mediavine off your long list of daily to do’s.

Once Mediavine is integrated to Otherboard monitoring your daily, monthly and yearly RPM’s and revenue data is something Otherboard does for you.

When you’re looking at the Pulse View on Otherboard it will show you the site wide RPM results from yesterday and over the past month. The Pulse View page also shows you the Top 10 most profitable posts on your site from yesterdays Mediavine data.

In Otherboard, when you’re looking at an individual post you’ll see the RPM data specific to that individual post from yesterday (and the comparison of that data from the day before), this month (and the comparison of the data from the month before), all-time, and my personal favorite, the comparison between your sites RPM and that specific posts RPM over all-time.

If you have multiple people on your team you can choose how (or if) they view RPM and revenue data:

  • If you’re an Owner you’ll see this information as actual numbers. 
  • If you set someone as an Admin they’ll see this information as actual numbers. 
  • If you set someone as a Manager they’ll see this information via icons. 
  • If you set someone as a Collaborator they won’t see this information at all. 

(Any of these permissions can be changed under Settings/ User Role / Role Permissions)

Each icon represents something different:

  • The red symbols means that it’s the least profitable post on your site from yesterday. 
  • Grey is low profit. 
  • Green is high profit. 
  • The crown means it’s the most profitable RPM post from Yesterday. 

At Otherboard, our hope is that we can do all the work behind the scenes so you don’t even have to think about it. Your RPM and revenue data will update automatically daily without you having to do a single thing.

Check out the upcoming designs for our Mediavine block. 👇👇👇

A screenshot of the revenue component, showing revenue data from Mediavine.

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