Lead Full-Stack Developer

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We would love to add another full-stack developer (or two) to our team here at Otherboard! Otherboard is powered by Laravel – specifically Vue 3, Tailwind, Inertia, Vite, Postgres, and the latest versions of Laravel and PHP. We’re running Laravel Vapor on AWS. Feeling comfortable so far?

You’ll be taking over the lead developer position. You’ll be hopping into a well-crafted, but incomplete existing codebase. You’ll be expected to review the codebase, grasp a clear understanding of where the code is at and our business requirements, and sprint through feature development to get us where we need to go.


  • Backend: Laravel, AWS/Vapor, Postgres
  • Frontend: Tailwind, Vue, Inertia, Vite


  • Multi-year experience with backend web development and Laravel
  • Appreciation for beautiful, clear code and great developer experience
  • Linux server administration knowledge appreciated
  • AWS knowledge appreciated
  • Ability to prototype, develop, and ship entire application features
  • Clear communicator and able to discuss complex technical issues within Slack discussions and long-form posts


  • Small company where every developer counts
  • Minimal meetings / red-tape
  • Fully remote
  • Paid vacation
  • Family leave
  • “20%” time
  • Contract-to-hire

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