Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Otherboard imports only your most important data from Google Analytics.

In the blogging scene, Google Analytics is a must! Track your trends, Search Rankings and monitor changes in real time by integrating Google Analytics directly to Otherboard.

Although Google Analytics is used by most, it also provides a wealth of data that is often ignored. With Otherboard we use the data that would be most beneficial to the blogger.

On the Otherboard Pulse page you’ll see the active users when you integrate Google Analytics. It pulls real time data from Google Analytics and displays it in a way that makes sense to the user. It also gives you a minute by minute graph for real time users and page views per minute. 

A snapshot of the Pulse Page

Otherboard also shows the top 10 most viewed posts from your website. We are constantly pulling data from Google Analytics. So, at any point if you refresh the page, the views update in real time. 

If you look at the above snapshot, you’ll see this months overall site views (on the bottom right) compared to the previous months site views and yesterdays overall site views compared to the day before. 

A snapshot of the insights Otherboard gives on a single Post.

Here we can see the insights on single post. We breakdown the pageview analytics into four different sections.

  • Yesterdays pageviews and the comparison of the day before.
  • This months pageviews and the comparison between the month before.
  • This years pageviews and the comparison between the year before.
  • The bounce rate over the past 7 days and the comparison between the bounce rate from the previous 7 days.

Another important section of Google Analytics is Traffic Trends. At the bottom of the above snapshot you’ll also see the results for traffic trends over the last 7 days. The solid line shows you the results over the last 7 days but the dotted line is the traffic trends over the previous 7 days before that. This section is great because it’s customizable. You can change the parameters of the date span you’d like to view. The options are 7 days, 3 weeks, 6 weeks and the last 3 months.

At Otherboard, we know that having accurate analytics about the performance of your website is absolutely crucial to running a successful business. We just hope we can help to make that experience a little less painful.

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