Otherboard Calendar

Otherboard Calendar

This calendar will change the way you schedule and manage your WordPress posts.

As a blogger, I often find myself frustrated with the task of managing and scheduling all of my WordPress posts.

This is why we created the Otherboard Calendar. So you don’t have to log into WordPress just to see when your last post was published or to check when your next drafted post is scheduled to be publish. Not to mention the process of making sure each individual post has gone through all of the checks (e.g. photographed, SEO-ready, proofread, scheduled) before you can even think about turning it from a draft to a published post. The Otherboard Calendar makes monitoring, editing and creating WordPress posts simple and quick.

With this calendar feature you’ll be able to, not only view all of your WordPress posts month by month on just one screen, but you can schedule and create future posts with just one click!

We’ve also added the ability to drag and drop drafted or future posts from one date to any date you choose. With the WordPress integration feature of Otherboard, the publish date you select also gets automatically updated in WordPress so you don’t have to log in and change it yourself. Otherboard does all the footwork for you.

When you set up your Otherboard account you’ll be prompted to select the appropriate timezone. This way, all of your personalized notifications will be synchronized to your individual timezone and posts will be scheduled and published on the corresponding date and at the appropriate time.

With the Team Management feature of Otherboard you can choose who has access to the calendar, who has the ability to view or edit the calendar and who you don’t want to see the calendar at all.

We hope this calendar will bring some ease to your blogging life.

Check out the updated designs for the calendar. 👇👇👇

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