Phase Management & Notifications

Create robust, dynamic due dates and set default team members for each phase. Creating and following up on workflows, making sure your whole team stays on task, notifying all the appropriate people to complete their tasks before a deadline can all be difficult. Thats why we believe you’ll love the functionality of the Phase Management… Continue reading Phase Management & Notifications

Settings & Team Management

Pick and choose what your team members have access to view within Otherboard. As a business owner of multiple businesses and a plethora of people to manage, I find keeping those businesses completely separate exceptionally difficult. Some of those people help me create content, some edit that content, others maintain my website, while some manage… Continue reading Settings & Team Management

Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration View your engagement and traffic data from your top social media channels. Tracking your social media can be daunting, frustrating and just confusing. With the ever-changing algorithms, a long list of notifications to follow up on, and the pressure to keep fresh content on your social media platforms, it can be difficult… Continue reading Social Media Integration

WordPress Integration

Manage your content with our WordPress Integration.  Every blog post I write is created in WordPress, so I’m very familiar with that platform. I utilize all tools WordPress has for my blogs. WordPress does so much, but the benefit of a “one stop shop” where you can create a blog post, set and change scheduled… Continue reading WordPress Integration

Media Management

Media Management Make content media management easier for your blog. Managing media in general within WordPress is a bit of a pain, and we see people managing media and content (including things like keywords, image sizes, alt tags, etc.) in their own spreadsheets. Media management with Otherboard is, by design, outrageously simple. The whole goal of… Continue reading Media Management

Google Search Console

Get your latests SERP changes at a glance. Knowing how your readers experience your site is vital. Being able to utilize Google Search Console is something I highly value as a blogger. Google Search Console helps me to not only be able to monitor and maintain my site, but it gives me tips on how… Continue reading Google Search Console

Google Analytics

Otherboard imports only your most important data from Google Analytics. In the blogging scene, Google Analytics is a must! Track your trends, Search Rankings and monitor changes in real time by integrating Google Analytics directly to Otherboard. Although Google Analytics is used by most, it also provides a wealth of data that is often ignored.… Continue reading Google Analytics

Slickstream Integration

Slickstream Integration The integration of Slickstream to Otherboard is quick and simple! As a blogger, building a site that is engaging and actively growing is vital. Thats why using Slickstream is important to me, and I thought it might be important to you as well. The Slickstream integration is simple and outrageously basic by design.… Continue reading Slickstream Integration

Mediavine Integration

Mediavine Integration The simplicity of viewing your Mediavine content on with Otherboard will blow you away. As a content creator I’ve personally found Mediavine to be a beneficial tool for me, but I’ve also found it difficult to remember to login and monitor this information on a regular basis. With Otherboard’s one time integration tool,… Continue reading Mediavine Integration

Otherboard Calendar

This calendar will change the way you schedule and manage your WordPress posts. As a blogger, I often find myself frustrated with the task of managing and scheduling all of my WordPress posts. This is why we created the Otherboard Calendar. So you don’t have to log into WordPress just to see when your last… Continue reading Otherboard Calendar