The First 90 Days

Otherboard continues to grow into the best content management solution for WordPress blogs. We’re 90 days post-launch (okay, it might be closer to 93 when this publishes), and I’d love to share all the updates that have happened so far, as well as a glimpse into what’s coming down the road. 90 Days When we… Continue reading The First 90 Days

2023 Roadmap

Now three months after the launch of Otherboard, we’re elated to begin executing on some long-standing roadmap plans. If you haven’t added or upvoted your favorite feature requests, our public roadmap is the place to do that. Enough talk, let’s get to the new exciting features coming to Otherboard this year! Otherboard Experiments Imagine if… Continue reading 2023 Roadmap

Lead Full-Stack Developer

Heyo! 👋 We would love to add another full-stack developer (or two) to our team here at Otherboard! Otherboard is powered by Laravel – specifically Vue 3, Tailwind, Inertia, Vite, Postgres, and the latest versions of Laravel and PHP. We’re running Laravel Vapor on AWS. Feeling comfortable so far? You’ll be taking over the lead… Continue reading Lead Full-Stack Developer

Recapping Our First FB Live!

Amazed. Perplexed. Humbled. Giddy-beyond-belief. Trying to find the right words for how I felt about the response to our very first Facebook Live event for Otherboard has been difficult! If you haven’t had a chance to watch it, give it a watch! But if you don’t have time for that, here’s a quick recap. Intro… Continue reading Recapping Our First FB Live!

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