2023 Roadmap

Now three months after the launch of Otherboard, we’re elated to begin executing on some long-standing roadmap plans. If you haven’t added or upvoted your favorite feature requests, our public roadmap is the place to do that.

Enough talk, let’s get to the new exciting features coming to Otherboard this year!

Otherboard Experiments

Imagine if you could harness all of the data that Otherboard collects from your site and integrations, hypothesize any number of experiments where you could implement complex workflows to track adjustments across key subsets of your content, decide what outcomes to track and automatically determine whether or not an experiment was successful or not?

With our new and improved workflows + metrics system, this (and much more) will be possible. More than a simple campaign or project, experiments put you in the driver’s seat, allowing you to more fully understand the impact your content changes have across your business.

A glimpse into our new workflows + metrics system, allowing you to create custom workflows, metrics, and anticipated outcomes for your experiments.

Track metrics across any period, define ranges of success and failure based a combination of metrics.

I’m beyond excited about all of that by itself. But imagine if you could opt-in (always, forever, opt-in. never forced.) to sharing your experiment? Completely anonymized experiments, along with their results, shared in a searchable experiments library for Otherboard users. Learn from other’s experiments, apply them to your own site, compare your results to the original result as well as others who have run the experiment. The possibilities for democratized content optimization are pretty breath-taking, and we can’t wait to share more.

Broken Link Checker

Everyone and their cat has a broken link checker. It might be a service you pay for, a WordPress plugin, or simply a process you follow. But don’t all the broken link checkers feel kind of, well, broken? They miss important links, they return false positives, if they do anything at all, they don’t apply the changes to your links intelligently or without some real hand-holding.

Not to mention some of the horror stories we’ve seen through our client work – you’d be shocked at the number of accidental site meltdowns that happen from misconfigured link checking services.

Imagine a rules-based system that learns with you and can automatically find the next best resource for a broken link – whether that’s an external link, internal reference, or even an Amazon affiliate link? Lots of goodies coming in hot with this feature that will save you time and make you more money.

Additional Ad Networks

We’re actively engaging in conversations with other ad networks that our Otherboard customers are asking for. We hope to launch with 2-3 more of the largest ad networks that our WordPress bloggers are using. The biggest needle-mover in this effort is you! If you have an ad network you want to see supported in Otherboard, reach out to us and to your ad network – we’ll partner closely with them to make it happen.

Fathom Analytics

With the shift to GA4 and the uncertainty that it brings, as well as the privacy concerns that many people have around Google’s ever-increasing reach into our lives – we’re seeing more and more folks move over to Fathom Analytics.

We can’t wait to show you our upcoming integration with their analytics platform 🚀.

Content Calendar 2.0

The biggest surprise to us when we launched Otherboard was how many of our users loved the content calendar inside Otherboard. Sure, you can drag and drop scheduled and drafted posts to different dates, see your posts in a beautiful calendar and draft new posts all in one place. But the amount of positive feedback and ideas for features and improvements has been awesome!

We’re stoked to launch a number of really neat improvements to the Calendar feature inside Otherboard, including: filtering, searching, sorting, and a more intelligent way to put drafted posts into a scheduled state on the calendar.

Some of these updates are still in the ideation phase – if you have thoughts on editorial workflows and content calendars, let us know today!

Search Console

We’ve heard from many of you loud and clear – you love the Google Search Console integration, but you want it to be more powerful, searchable, and more refined.

Later this year, we’ll be launching new and improved interfaces and more robust integrations with Google Search Console. Not only Google Search Console, but also deeper integrations with Yoast SEO – allowing you to pull in data from SEM Rush via Yoast as well as track more information in Otherboard that you’ve come to expect from your Yoast SEO plugins.

Beyond that, we know that the world is abuzz with ChatGPT, OpenAI, and all manner of buzzwords that are here to steal all of our jobs. We’re not too worried about your jobs or ours, but we are super excited to be implementing more SEO + AI integrations directly into Otherboard this year.

That’s a glimpse into our roadmap for the next several months. Want to play a part in shaping our upcoming features? Request or upvote features on our public roadmap 😍 Want early access to beta test any of these features? Let us know!

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